Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday SPECIALS...


CYBER MONDAY IS HERE and of course PBD has some awesome specials!!! Definitely the time to buy your Holiday Photo Cards or Party invites!

We are offering 20% off your entire order via our ETSY SHOP!


FREE SHIPPING via our website! Please use the code: charli!

TWO fab specials from Party Box Design!

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Friday, November 19, 2010

My BF(Bobby Flay), NYC, Christmas Tree and invites...

bobby flaybobby flay

I have blogged about it before and I will blog about it again... two words- BOBBY FLAY! Bottom line, I love him. I love his food, I love watching him cook and he is oh sooo crazy cute!

My husband is well aware... he is on "that list"! LOL... JK JK JK- or not!

Anyhooooo I am crazy excited to post that we will be eating at Bobby's(yes, we are on a first name basis) Mesa Grill in a couple weeks!

My Father lives right outside the city, so we will be visiting for the weekend... FAO, ice skating, the tree... a fabulous weekend in NYC! I am so excited to take Charli, as my parents took us each Holiday Season... even took us to the Turkey Day Parade! CAN'T WAIT!

Ohh and as if I could do a post without sharing some new Party Box Design invites!

How fabulous is this Super chic cookie party invite?!?! cookie party inviteand a cute one for a sweet treats birthday party...sweet treats inviteHave a great weekend everyone!!!

P.S. Hosting a Face Book GIVE AWAY... right now!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Year's Eve Invites and Life...

party box design

Party Box Designs Holiday Collection Ooooooodles of fun invites and photo cards for you to choose from, over 30 options!!!new year's eve invitesnew year's even inviteThis years collection is filled with bright, fun colors- stationery that makes me smile and hopefully you too!

However, today I am feeling sad... I am reflecting and thinking about memories with my Grams. You see, 2 months ago she had open heart surgery- which we had hoped would make her well again, help her to feel better and live a happy healthy life. She was only 76 after all.

I recently found out that she won't be recovering from the surgery, that her body is failing her.

This is very hard for me, because we were very close- so close and I miss her. To think we will never speak again is so hard. It just doesn't feel real. I keep thinking the doctors must be wrong, of course she will make it- it's not her time.

Ahhh Grams... I love you so much.

P.S. Sorry to get all heavy on y'all... but after all, this is my blog and a blog that my Grammy read, a dream that my Grammy believed in! UGHHHHH now I need a tissue, or like 10.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Snowflakes and Cupcakes, AMAZING Sunday!

party box design

I myself am a Winter baby, sooooo the inspiration for this theme/invitation comes from ME!

Powdery aqua blue and shades of pink ='s an insanely perfect color combo! birthday party invitesI am envisioning oooooodes of cupcakes covered in pink and white coconut! Lots and lots of glittery pink snowflakes and tulle pom poms. Super girly and very fun!

OHHHHHH and I just have to share that we had the MOST AMAZING SUNDAY! Charlotte woke up crazy early, around 6:30 am... which in turn meant coffee and early morning snuggles! THEN... the best part, we went to the most amazing farmers market. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! So amazing, that we plan to visit each Sunday from here on out to do all our food shopping for the week!

Seriously, H.O.W is it that I have lived in Baltimore for 10 YEARS and this is my FIRST time going there!?! Thank goodness we went, as I am IN LOVE!

There was even a local musician who sand twinkle twinkle little star to Charli! Soooooo looking forward to next Sunday, a new family ritual!

Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Did you know...SEO-Holiday Invitations-Baby Showers!

SEO... 3 letters with HUGE impact! I know VERY LITTLE and that my dear friends is NOT GOOD! Sooo, I was wondering if any of you bloggy bloggers know any good tips that you would so kindly share!

Plus is it possible to post without sharing some new Holiday Party Invitation designs.... um NO!white elephant party invitationholiday cookie party inviteand of course New Year's years eve inviteaaaaand this cute baby shower invite...damask baby shower inviteOK... no more(in this post) I promise-lol, but it's just too hard not to share the new invites at Party Box Design!

Ummmm what else?!? How about some random info
about the lady behind PBD?!?

1. Did you know that I have 2 smushy faced doggies?!? A crazy nuttttty Boston Terrier and a beyond snuggly Frenchie!frenchie picCUTE RIGHT!

2. I want 3 kids, but have no idea how that will happen... considering I NOW KNOW how babies come out! lol yeah, and it's NOT FUN! I am crazy envious of those ladies who love being preggos! I have even asked my BFF to do it for me! LOL... yeah she said no!

3.Ummm... I beyond love Bobby Flay! It's true and his recipes are my faves, plus how cute is he!?!

Anyhoooooo, have a great weekend everyone!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Boring Blog Posts...

Lately I feel like I have nothing too exciting to blog about... totally having writers block!

I would post some new designs, but that seems pretty blah. Plus I am under the weather and about to cough up my lungs(never used to get sick until having a child.)

Plus I forget how to relax, my mind won't stop thinking about my to do list... do you know what I mean?!? I should be resting, but here I am working!

ok I just can't help myself... just two new holiday invitation designs, because I love them so!holiday party invitesholiday photo cardsI soooooo want some wonton soup right now!

Random blog post I know, but this writers block is killing me and I need some new things to blog about!


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Sunday, November 7, 2010

MAJOR PBD Special...

Crazy fab Party Box Design BIRTHDAY SPECIAL...
Spend $75... get $10 cash back!

Our best special EVER! PBD will refund mula after purchase!

Ends TONIGHT at 12 pm est.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanksgiving Invitations...

thanksgiving invitations Thanksgiving Invitations

I love Thanksgiving... wine, amazing food, friends, family... desserts galore! The most amazing day!

Because I love it so, I just had to offer some Party Box Design Invitations for this special day!

Even better... order an e-invitation and send your guests a special invite!!!

P.S. Are you a FACEBOOK FAN?!? Lots of fun give aways have been going on this week, so be sure to become one if you are not!!!!

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Party Box Design

Party Box Design

Party Box Design is officially ONE YEAR OLD!

When I read those words, I read them slowly... slow enough to absorb that guess what, PBD has survived it's first year and is doing pretty well. Not quitting my full time job "kinda well", but well enough that I have customers each week, I have people loving what they receive in the mail and overall a positive response to this lil dream of mine!

This morning I decided to visit memory lane and re-read my very first blog post (teared up a tad) and wanted to share it with you all! When I wrote that post, I had NO blog followers and no clue what the year would bring! Now I have a tad more insight and direction and this lil dream has gotten EVEN BIGGER!

"If you are reading this post, then either you know me- or happened upon this blog accidentally(woohoo)! follow me-read on....

Within the pages of this blog you will find the trials and tribulations of starting a new biz, the glamorous life of mommyhood, fantastic recipes, cocktail creations, lots of cupcakes, and most of all- anything & everything party!

I am starting this blog and my new company because I can't resist my desire to conquer the event design world any longer, one little cupcake at a time! :) No, in all honesty... planning parties, hosting events, creating menus, and party decor is a passion- a true love. Stationary brings me such joy, it's sad I know! Beautiful card stock just sends me over the edge. Anything with damask- its just over!

My motivation for taking this giant leap... Charli Paige, my spunky pretty lil lady! I am sure you will see pics of her along the way, and lots of stories for sure. So rather then write a continued blog post... I shall write a small letter to my precious luv! One day my dear, you will understand why your mommy worked so hard to make her dreams come true!

Dear Charlotte-
From the moment you were in my belly, you reminded me everyday how hard it was going to be raising a child, from the pukyness I felt, to the sleepless nights. But what I didn't know at that time, was the joy you would bring to my life, the motivation you would give me, and the amount of love you could actually have for your child. I have only known you for 16 months, but the memories you have given me could fill a lifetime.

My bright light, I hope to give you the strength to live your life to its fullest and follow your biggest dreams!
Love, Mama"

Anyhoooo, super long Birthday post... and so much thanks! Thanks for reading, for sharing, for checking in and overall for your support!

Following your dreams is important, but also a luxury because I never have to say..."WHAT IF..."

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