Friday, November 12, 2010

Did you know...SEO-Holiday Invitations-Baby Showers!

SEO... 3 letters with HUGE impact! I know VERY LITTLE and that my dear friends is NOT GOOD! Sooo, I was wondering if any of you bloggy bloggers know any good tips that you would so kindly share!

Plus is it possible to post without sharing some new Holiday Party Invitation designs.... um NO!white elephant party invitationholiday cookie party inviteand of course New Year's years eve inviteaaaaand this cute baby shower invite...damask baby shower inviteOK... no more(in this post) I promise-lol, but it's just too hard not to share the new invites at Party Box Design!

Ummmm what else?!? How about some random info
about the lady behind PBD?!?

1. Did you know that I have 2 smushy faced doggies?!? A crazy nuttttty Boston Terrier and a beyond snuggly Frenchie!frenchie picCUTE RIGHT!

2. I want 3 kids, but have no idea how that will happen... considering I NOW KNOW how babies come out! lol yeah, and it's NOT FUN! I am crazy envious of those ladies who love being preggos! I have even asked my BFF to do it for me! LOL... yeah she said no!

3.Ummm... I beyond love Bobby Flay! It's true and his recipes are my faves, plus how cute is he!?!

Anyhoooooo, have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Jessica, oh I will so carry your kids. I like it, keeping the kid afterwards, maybe not so much. Bobby Flay is my dream lover, another reason we would be bff's if we lived closer. SEO, I dont know what that means. Love the xmas invites.

  2. Can't wait to see if anyone has SEO advice. My local community college has a online course just on SEO and I've thought about taking it!

  3. Are you looking for SEO tips for your blogger blog(here)or your website?
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    For your website, some of the same things will work for that too, but without knowing what platform it's built on, I can't tell you much more.
    I love your stuff! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see that you adjust the kerning on the Scriptina font. Nobody ever does. I hate that.

  4. Love your Boston Terrier! I have one too! BTW - your invites are gorgeous!


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