Friday, November 19, 2010

My BF(Bobby Flay), NYC, Christmas Tree and invites...

bobby flaybobby flay

I have blogged about it before and I will blog about it again... two words- BOBBY FLAY! Bottom line, I love him. I love his food, I love watching him cook and he is oh sooo crazy cute!

My husband is well aware... he is on "that list"! LOL... JK JK JK- or not!

Anyhooooo I am crazy excited to post that we will be eating at Bobby's(yes, we are on a first name basis) Mesa Grill in a couple weeks!

My Father lives right outside the city, so we will be visiting for the weekend... FAO, ice skating, the tree... a fabulous weekend in NYC! I am so excited to take Charli, as my parents took us each Holiday Season... even took us to the Turkey Day Parade! CAN'T WAIT!

Ohh and as if I could do a post without sharing some new Party Box Design invites!

How fabulous is this Super chic cookie party invite?!?! cookie party inviteand a cute one for a sweet treats birthday party...sweet treats inviteHave a great weekend everyone!!!

P.S. Hosting a Face Book GIVE AWAY... right now!

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  1. I love Bobby too! he's not on my list so no worries lol! Have a awesome time!!!

  2. He's a cutie and I definitely have a soft spot for anyone who can perfect Southwestern food as my Texas taste buds crave those flavors the most. I've always wanted to try Mesa--hope it delivers!

  3. I'll be in NYC too Jess! My husband was born and raised in NYC... so we are headed there for Thanksgiving!

    Have fun!


  4. Haha this was a fun read! Have fun on your trip!


  5. my parents ate there and said it was fabulous! Have a great time!


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