Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Cookie Party Surprise E-Mail!

Looky lulu what I found in my inbox this morn from... Little Pumpkin Grace, a fantastic blog post with a greaaaat cookie party!E-mails like this are the best, people that share their events with me- so so special! I love stationery, love parties and LOVE other people who share this same crazy obsessive joy! Because let's just be honest, throwing a fab party is no easy task!

Sooo hint hint sweet PBD customers, send me those party pics!!!!

Anyhoo... onto the party!cookie party invites"Any excuse to have the girls over for some uninterrupted girl talk, right? So yesterday, six of my dearest friends came over under the guise of a Cookie Exchange to laugh and talk and catch up and enjoy each other's company" FANTASTIC RIGHT?!? Now, this is a cookie party I want an invite to!!!!

For more cookie party pics and details be sure to head on over to Little Pumpkin Grace!

Happy Tuesday ohhhh and this invite... of course can be found here(no shame in promotion on this bloggy blog blog)!

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  1. Wow! That is an incredibly adorable and festive party. Love that mix of whimsical colors!

  2. so cute, i love that last pic with the cocoa and candy cane..so pretty! :)

  3. Adorable...I love their aprons!


  4. Fabulous indeed! LOVING the aprons! I'm all about details, and that one made me smile! Gotta look CUTE at all times! ;-)
    Genevieve (AKA Superchick!)

  5. Awwww! Thanks for the feature, Jessica!!!! We had such a fun, relaxed time...I love that no one felt pressured to slave over homemade cookies if they didn't have the time to do so. The aprons were my only requirement - he he he - and everyone was happy to comply :)

    Thanks again for the shout out! I'll be featuring my daughter's preschool Christmas party with your gumdrop invite after this Friday!! LOVE your designs!


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