Wednesday, December 8, 2010

designing for me/random blog post...

party box designparty box design

I do not like designing for myself... so much so, that I thought about contacting someone to do it for us! Seriously sad, I know!

I LOOOOOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE working on custom designs for others, in fact beyond love- but for myself... it feels more like a chore, something on the to do list.

This is why... TIME, it's so important for me to get my orders out in a timely manner- actually crazy important, so spending time on my own design- a pita!

Second, I feel like people "expect" our holiday cards to be great. The pressure comes from me, but this is how I feel.

And finally... I have too many designs floating around in my head- like a switch I can't turn off. A good problem to have 99.9% of the time-lol!

Anyhoo... this random post seems kinda blah, but this is what I am thinking about at this very moment-lol!holiday photo cardsAny other party people have this same issue?

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  1. OMG totally! I design tons of fabulous floral centerpieces for other's so when I have a dinner party or some event I flip out trying to out do myself with a centerpiece because I know people are expecting something UHmazing!

    Your cards are super cute!!! I really like the different fonts you used and the colors : )


  2. I love the 3rd card option! I'll decided for you, go w/ that one! :)

  3. YES! I totally know how you feel. I love doing invitations/designs for other people - BUT when I decide on my own, I get so critical and I always think "this is the BEST you can do"???

    ugh - the pressure we put on ourselves....

    BUT I do think I like my cards this year - they're a bit crafty - so, we'll see how I can get them all done.......


  4. I have to say that the last card screams "you". I think it's fabulous... and yes, the perfectionist in me always wants every cake to be without flaw... but when people are in my home picking apart my son's birthday cakes (design, taste, texture, creativity)... it's like an elephant sitting on my shoulders.

  5. DITTO! And I usually ending up not liking my own cards very much. So sad. I love different things about each one of those. SO CUTE!


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