Friday, December 17, 2010

FREE Holiday Printables...

Are these stickers not the cutest?!? I am using them for a cookie party exchange this weekend and they are also perfect for this crafty gift idea!

All you need is a 2 inch punch!

You can also use them to adorn your holiday gifts, or as cute tags!!!

PLUS THEY ARE FREE VIA Party Box Design!!!

P.S. Much thanks to my beyond awesome blog/web designer for making them available to you! If you have not checked out her blog you must... she posts some really fun ideas! Thanks Amy!


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  1. Love them! Thank you, I so needed a cute tag last night and these were perfect! Peace, LOVE, & PBD!

  2. Ooh, super cute... and free... great combo!

  3. these are adorable! Not sure how I missed them before! Thank you!


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