Thursday, December 30, 2010

People I want to have cocktails with...

OR Coffee... because let's face it, finding sitters can be hard!!! LOL

Anyhoo... when I first started this lil venture of mine I had no idea how many fabulous ladies I would meet, well virtually meet-lol! People I would want to grab a cup of coffee with, or cocktails!

With regards to the "new" spin our life has taken, these ladies give me hope and make me smile. Not ONLY are their blogs/sites fantastic- but so are they!

Behind each blog, small biz, cupcakery, chocolate shop lies a person with a big dream and more often then not an even bigger heart!

Amy from 3 Cupcakes Blog Design is my virtual BFF! I can't even tell you how amazing she is and I sooo wish we could have coffee dates weekly or maybe twice a week! She is sweet and funny and beyond talented. Her designs are fresh, her concepts unique and her blog oh so fun! She is the real deal and I love that!

Thanks Amy... for all the times you have made me laugh out loud, pumped me up when I was down and to the day we meet for coffee!

Sue, from Sue's Gift Box & Sweet Shoppe is a lady I want to have cocktails with... well maybe coffee and then cocktails! LOL! Sue is a Jersey girl like myself, we have daughters close in age (hence coffee first) and she is very very sweet! PLUS super talented! Sue lives at the shore... lucky ducky right?!?

Sue is one of those ladies that I know I would just love to hang out with, a lady that followed her dream! Thanks for the inspiration Sue!

Next up... Jackie Fo! I even just like saying Jackie Fo... lol! Jackie is an amazing writer and oh so cute! We would for sure have cocktails, probably a lot and then laugh, laugh, laugh over pizza at 2 am! I just know it! Jackie is also a Jersey girl, so pizza and cocktails- a for sure!

Jackie is also really sweet and very talented, so be sure to check out her blog- a must read! A big thanks to Jackie for her sweet emails and support!
Ohhhh I would love to have a play date with Ebony and her girls! The Mama's would have a blast and so would the kiddos! Sparkling Events & Designs, LLC. is a go to spot for those planning weddings/events! Ebony is a tell it like it is kinda lady and also following her dream!

She is fun and witty and has for sure made me laugh!

Tammy, that sweeeeet soap maker! You know the lady behind Milk and Cookeez! She is def an inspiration to me and very very funny! Not to mention that her products are amazing and her soaps divine! She is another lady that followed her dream and has made it a reality, can't get more inspirational then that! If you have not shopped her shop, I ask why not?!?

Amy, Tammy and I def need to sit down at the cutest coffe shop and talk the talk!

There are so many more ladies I want to mention... but this blog post is getting CRAZY long and I need to get back to work-lol!!!

THANKS for the inspiration LADIES and most of all the support!

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  1. I am just dying to get together with you and Amy! Someday!!!! hopefully sooner than later. We would need to make it at least 24 hours-because we would have so much to talk about, coffee and cupcakes wouldn't be enough time :) You are the best!!!! Thanks so much for the mention & more importantly, the love! Happy 2011

  2. Jess! That is so sweet! I'm so honored to just be mentioned in this fabulous group of ladies!!!! You know I'm good for the one liners.... ;) Would love to meet up with all of you ladies! Amy is awesome! Tammy LOVE her soaps....and thanks for introducing me to Jackie and Sue! I'm going to check them out because if you think that they are fabulous.... they must be!

    This post just made me smile and I needed one today!!!! You are so sweet, your shop is so awesome and I'm so glad to have "met" you!


    Here is to a BIG 2011 for us all!

  3. You are so sweet, thanks for including me! Here's to a great 2011!!

  4. Awww...thanks Jess! I say we plan a trip to Vegas!!

  5. We can chat and drink until all hours of the morning!

  6. AMY - NAPA!!!!!!! I went in November with girlfriend...IT WAS THE BEST EVER!!! The spa's, the food (I'm kinda of an eater) and the WINE!!!!! BEST! Plus I have like 4 wine memberships and we can taste for free! :)


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