Saturday, January 22, 2011

New... Busy... Life...

Lots of new invites listed on the site... here are two cuties that I just love!

We have had a super busy week here... not only with Party Box Design, but also personally.

My heart doggie Boulds had major eye sugery on Thursday... you can read a bit about him here! Anyhoo... his condition worsened in one eye and it needed to be removed, which is bottom line- heart breaking. HOWEVER... he had surgery in his other eye, so for now(keep your paws crossed) he CAN SEE out of his one eye! YAY!

Our home was also listed for sale this week... major changes!

Ohhhh and tonight we are going out with our closest friends for my 30th, woohoooo, this lady needs a margarita for sure!

Hope you all had a fantastic week, opppps gotta cut this blog post short, the Hubs made breakfast- yummy yum!

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