Friday, February 18, 2011

Baking a CaKe....

My bestie of 11 years just turned 30... so of course we MUST celebrate the big 30! This bestie of mine is the most amazing friend, actually amazing doesn't even begin to describe her! Love you Beck!

Anyhooo... I decided, not only will I make cupcakes but a CAKE! I have NEVER EVER baked a cake and I may NEVER EVER bake one again! LOL

At this point let me take a lil moment to say how much I ADMIRE cake bakers/decorators! Honestly, baking the cake easy... BUT making it even- now that is TRUE TALENT! Oh and the icing... how the heck do you all get it sooo smooth????

WELL... I had big dreams for this cake, 3 tiers with cupcakes flowing down the cake! Ummm... let's just say that really didn't pan out! LOL- well actually the "FLOWING" part did! 

First layer... looking good, second layer ohhh this isn't so hard...third layer, "BRAD BRAD... get in here, ... it's SLIIIIIDING"! Ohhh yes, my dreams of a 3 tiered, beautiful cake... DIDN'T HAPPEN!

As I hang my head in shame... here is the PROOF!
Mind you... this angle makes it look way better, I couldn't bring myself to post the actual head on shot.


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