Thursday, February 17, 2011

Park Inspired Invites and MUCH more...

I loved this design so much, I created invites for birthday parties and baby showers!
Spring is around the corner and we can't wait!!!

We are hosting an INVITATION Give Away TODAY ONLY, soooo be sure to enter!!!!

Ohhh some new printables in the shop as well! Starting to design some more bridal items!
Hmmmmm... what else, oh we have been working on a lot of custom flyer designs!
For the "life" side of things... open house didn't go too well, not that many people came and NO offers as of yet. So frustrating, as this house is priced to sell... or so we think!

I boxed colored my hair last night, ohhhh salon how I miss you! Like really really miss you!

Ohhh and TONIGHT I am baking my very first cake! I have baked a millllllion cupcake, but never a BIG OLE CAKE! Wish me luck!!!
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