Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Printable Items... yes or no?!?

After saying... "No, I am sorry, Party Box Design does not offer printables more times then I can count, we will FINALLY be saying YES!

More then anything I love to create party decor, invites and thank you notes! Ultimately shipping off a super fabulous party box, only to hear back... "JESS, O.M.G. I am sooo happy, this will be perfect for Em's Party."

HOWEVER... there are some people who like to do it themselves!!! Sooo in the hopes that I no longer turn anyone away with a "NO" response, I will be offering both! YAY!

Sooooo for all your crafty ladies the printables shop is open for biz!!!!

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  1. YES! Right in time too! I'm planning my baby shower and I LOVE Your graphics!

  2. Great idea!! I'm a DIY gal so I think this is fabulous : )


  3. OMG Jess....I'm in love with this design. It's making me want to change my daughters party theme! I thought I wanted to do a circus theme so the kids attending the party would have games to play, etc. Decisions, decisions.

  4. So cute! What program do you use to create your printables?

  5. congrats on the new business expansion!

  6. Very cute! Sometimes itS just comes down to customer demand ;)

  7. I LOVE printables!! I so wish you had these a couple months ago! It's ON for Austin's 3rd birthday!! :)


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