Wednesday, March 30, 2011

FREE Easter Printables!!!

YES, you read the right.... FREE!

Not only free, but hellooooooo crazy crazy cute and just for YOU!
My faaabulous readers!

Thank YOU for reading, commenting and following along on this little journey of mine!

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Free Easter Printable Party Teaser!

Working on a Free Printable Party for all your lovelies!!!! Will be avail super soon at Party Box Design!

5x7 invite, cupcake toppers, party favor tags, confetti and a cute favor box!!!!
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Cutest Bounce House Party Ever!

One of my favorite customers, who also happens to have the cutest kids, just hosted the most fantastic bounce house party for her daughter Grace! This lady has style... really! She hosts incredible parties for her children and I am always in awe of her style!
Do you see the eye candy above... seriously, LOVE every detail!
Some rediculously cute party favors AND HATS!
How cute is Grace?!? Beyond right!!!! Happy Birthday Grace, looks like you had the best Bounce House Party ever!

P.S. You must must must check out Little Pumpkin Grace, a fabulous blog... really one of my faves!
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Party Invites and MORE!

You know what... I don't have enough House Warming Invites at Party Box Design! Soooo... we will be adding MORE, like this cute one above!

Plus some super fun Bridal Shower and Engagement Party Invites!
Hmmm... and how about a cocktail party too!
Lots of new at Party Box Design!!!!

Ohhhh what else.... totally saw ELTON JOHN this weekend, Saturday date night with the hubs- which was faaaabulous! Charlotte spent the night at her Grandmothers... slept in until 9:30 this morn, ohhh yes we did! HEAVEN!

Got an offer on the house... lots of changes in the near future!

OHHHHH and how could I post without sharing something so special! My friend Amy... who I adore, surprised me and made Charlotte the most special birthday outfit!
BEYOND SPECIAL, RIGHT?!? Amy is one talented chica... really, SHE IS Martha! She sews, takes awesome pics, designs blogs, websites and makes the cutest damn cookies! She also lives across the country from me, which makes me very, V.E.R.Y sad, tear.

Anyhoooo... this tutu is sooo cute AND Amy has the best tutu tutorial HERE! Can't thank you enough Lady... YTB! 

Hope you are all having  a great weekend!
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

140 LB Card Stock and New Invites!

How freaking cute is this party decor?!? I loooove the colors and the theme, so so cute! I sometimes call Charli my little button! Plus damask and polka dots, great combo!

Ohhhh and if you haven't noticed we got a FACE LIFT!!! New blog design and oh my gosh, be sure to check out our site... Party Box Design is looking oh so shabby chic!

MUCH THANKS to my beyond amazing friend and web designer Amy! She really took my vision and placed it onto the web! I do not know how she does it, but this lady has skills! Ohhh and she also has a great blog, so pop on over and check out Coffee, Crafts and Cupcakes for some awesome inspiration! Thanks lady!

Hmmmm the major NEWS.... ummmm some beyond beyond amazing 140 lb card stock! OHHHH yes, this amazing paper is now avail at PBD! It's an optional upgrade to what we currently offer! So stoked about this because I still offer our affordable chic invites, but now just one step up for anyone who wants heavier paper! LOOOOVE!

What else... oh I think I have Charli's invite down... still making some tweaks, but the invite has been started!

Anyhooooo, happy almost Friday and be sure to check out our new site design!!!!

P.S. FB GIVE AWAY TODAY!!!! Win one set of PBD Invites!
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Ice Cream Social Birthday and MORE!

How fun are these new invites?1? When I was designing these I wanted to mix in the feel of a classic ice cream shop, hence the gingham but with a fun fresh twist... the giraffe print! I heart animal prints!

Hmmm what else...  some new super hero invites!
So super busy, YAY... on the "real life" front, we may be getting an offer on the house. "MAY" per my Realtors most recent email! Mix of emotions for sure... like wow, we will really be moving!

OHHHH AND HUGE NEWS... Party Box Design will be offering 140 lb card stock! 140 LBS BABY!

Anyhoo... back to work on this RAINY Monday.

P.S. Monday's should not ever be rainy!!!!
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SEO Tips for Bloggers, Guest Blogger

Every blogger, at some point, will question their search engine rankings and wonder if there is anything more they can do to get better placement. These quick Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips will get you started in the right direction.
Quick SEO Tips for Bloggers
By: Renee Huggins – founder of WAHM Hosting
1. Content. Your content is the most important aspect of your blog. Make sure you update your blog frequently.

a. Keywords: While writing your content, make sure that you include your keywords. Of course, you don’t want to overdo it, but make sure that you include the words and phrases that people will be searching for to get to your site.

b. Title: The title of each blog post should also contain your main keywords. Placing them at the beginning of the title will weigh more with the search engines as well. Use a different title for each post.

c. HTML Tags: When you use tags such as h1 or a bold font, search engines see these words as being more important than the other words on the page. Use them sparingly so that your post still reads well, but place them around keywords of interest.

d. Images: While pictures can occasionally convey a message to viewers better than words, search engines cannot read images. Make sure you use tags to give your photos names. If you can name them with keywords, that would be even better.

e. Tags & Categories: Make good use of the built-in tagging and category features.

2. Links. Part of a search engine’s algorithm includes the amount of links there are pointing to your blog.

a. Back links. Get links to your blog from other blogs. Some ways to get links include asking for them, setting up a link exchange, linking to another blog and getting a track back, and posting relevant comments on someone else’s blog and leaving your blog link.

b. Internal Links: Occasionally, you will want to refer back to another blog post. Instead of telling someone which post to look up, provide a link to it. Also use links to your own blog in the menu areas. Providing a site map is recommended so that the search engines can easily find all of your pages when crawling your blog.

3. Domain. Even if you use a blogging service that gives you a free sub domain, it is still a good idea to get a domain name of your own. If possible, get a domain that describes your blog and contains your main keywords.

Of course, there are tons of other things you can do to make sure your blog is fully optimized for the search engines, but these should get you started. Remember that even if you do everything perfectly, the search engines do have their own way of doing things, so you may still not be at the absolute top of the rankings. Don’t worry about that though. As long as you are posting frequently and have good content, you will continue to receive traffic.

About the author: Renee Huggins, a mom of 2, founded WAHM Hosting in order to help other work at home moms build their online businesses. She has been helping moms build websites and sharing her knowledge of the Internet with women for almost a decade.
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

I hired an assistant...

ohhhh yes, I did! He is suppppper cute, has some mad centering skills and can put together a party banner like no other!

Oh and he also gets paid super well, like half our proceeds... damn good right?!? Plus his job security is pretty cushy, I mean I could NEVER fire him- since he is so cute and all!

cute right?!? LOL

UMMM yeah, def my hubster! lol
Hmmm does that even count as an assistant????

Anyways... wanted to give a shout out to my great husband Brad. Our life may be like a roller coaster right now, but he is def my rock and the best assistant ever- haha!

Happy Thursday everyone... ohhhh and be sure to check out the website! OOOODDDDLES and ooooodles of new invites being added weekly!
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Preppy Pink Crab Party...

We host 2 BIG parties a year... Halloween and Charlotte's Birthday! I really, just really can not believe that my baby is turning 3... kinda making her not a baby anymore- tear! Anyhoo, the save the dates were sent out months ago and party planning is in full effect.

I am BEYOND excited for this years theme, The Preppy Pink Crab!!! Since Charlotte is a Maryland girl and loves her crabs, I just couldn't think of a better theme.
We have some amazing vendors working with us, including Lulu & Co. who just sent us this ridiculously sweet party hat! Cute right?!? PLUS the quality is just amazing, beyond really! Thanks Lulu & Co.
Ohhh AND you can not, I mean CAN NOT, NOT not have a Preppy Pink Crab Party without some
Crabby Ale, est. in 2008!
oh and if you get even more thirsty, we must have some cute water bottles!
Can you tell how excited we are?!? June will be here before we know it so this party planing mama better get her butt in gear.

Ohhh and we are always looking for vendors to help us make this party spectacular, so please if interested shoot us an email!
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baby Shower Invites and MORE...

YAY... Saturday is here and so are some new Baby Shower Invites! I think we have close to 175 invites listed at Party Box Design, wow!!!

Just got back from a great morning walk and now we are off to a Sweet Giraffe 1st Birthday Party!!!
Ohhhh and I can't forget to share this Leopard & Lime Spa Party Invite and Printables!!!
WOW... what a busy week for PBD, which I am sooo super grateful for!!!!
Off to spend some QT time with good friends, my sweet lil Charli Paige and hubster.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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