Sunday, March 27, 2011

Party Invites and MORE!

You know what... I don't have enough House Warming Invites at Party Box Design! Soooo... we will be adding MORE, like this cute one above!

Plus some super fun Bridal Shower and Engagement Party Invites!
Hmmm... and how about a cocktail party too!
Lots of new at Party Box Design!!!!

Ohhhh what else.... totally saw ELTON JOHN this weekend, Saturday date night with the hubs- which was faaaabulous! Charlotte spent the night at her Grandmothers... slept in until 9:30 this morn, ohhh yes we did! HEAVEN!

Got an offer on the house... lots of changes in the near future!

OHHHHH and how could I post without sharing something so special! My friend Amy... who I adore, surprised me and made Charlotte the most special birthday outfit!
BEYOND SPECIAL, RIGHT?!? Amy is one talented chica... really, SHE IS Martha! She sews, takes awesome pics, designs blogs, websites and makes the cutest damn cookies! She also lives across the country from me, which makes me very, V.E.R.Y sad, tear.

Anyhoooo... this tutu is sooo cute AND Amy has the best tutu tutorial HERE! Can't thank you enough Lady... YTB! 

Hope you are all having  a great weekend!
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