Friday, March 4, 2011

we have a showing...

Scheduled for TODAY!!!! It only takes ONE person to love our home!!!!  OHHHH golly freaking gee, please be that ONE PERSON!!!!

Open Houses, Showings... keeping your house organized with a 2.5 yr old is HELL! Waking up every day, knowing you are selling your house for 100k less then what you paid, misery! I just want this WHOLE situation to be over and done with, just done.

From my mouth to God's ears...

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  1. good luck, im hoping for the best for you guys

  2. I hope this is your buyer!!! Sending "sold" vibes your way!!!

  3. A 2.5 year old??? Try TWO incredibly messy teenagers! LOL! - it's difficult either way! Keeping your house spotless and in "showing" condition is horrible! We had our house on the market for 6 months. Was so glad when we decided to take it off the market and stay for a few more years!
    Good luck with your! Hope you get a good offer!


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