Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Howdy Partner, Calling all Cowgirls and Cowboys!

I love western themed events... I guess because they are rustic and fun, with lots great food for sure! Plus mason jars totally fit this theme and I am obsessed with mason jars!

My BFF's daughter is turning 3 and she wants a Cowgirl Party... how could I resist designing an invite?!? Our daughters are 3 weeks apart and so gosh darn cute! I honestly can't believe they are turning 3.
had to post this "throw back" pic... look at them holding hands, melt your hear kinda pic!
ohhh and this one too from our week at the Jersey Shore...
ok... ENOUGH pics... onto this super cute cowgirl invite!
Happy Birthday Reesey Peesey!

Because I love this theme sooooo much, I could not leave out all those cowboys and cowgirls to be... right!?!? This is also a super cute theme for a baby shower.
Anyhooo.... now I totally have a smidge of baby fever, just a S.M.I.D.G.E! lol.... Looking at those old pics and thinking about baby showers will getcha!

OOOOO We also have an invite give away going on at one of my faves... Little Pumpkin Grace!
Lot's of invites to chose from, including this new one.
or this one...

SOOOOO be sure to ENTER!

Happy Hump Day!
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