Friday, May 27, 2011

I can't believe it...

I know it's happening, but it just doesn't feel real.
For us type a's change is hard. 

I am not looking forward to 10 hrs in the car, 2 doggies and a 3 yr old... yeah I need a nanny! LOL
However, the minute we arrive... heading straight for the BEACH!
Can't wait to see Charli and the doggies running in the sand!

Anyhoo... today is the LAST DAY to place orders that will be shipped before we leave!
You can for sure shop Party Box Design, while we are away... gosh, please do!

All orders will be processed upon return, in the order they are received!
We will be closed May 30th -June 5th

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!
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  1. Wish you a lot of succes and, oh dear, is a week long enough for moving 10 hrs in the car, 2 doggies and a 3 yr old? Even with a Nanny??!!

  2. My thoughts are with you! xoxo

  3. I just found your blog from a Wedding Story- and had to say hi!

    We are going through the EXACT same thing and I am dreading/excited about moving. We are moving to NC in 2 short weeks and I'm guessing from your tag yall are moving to SC... looking forward to reading :)


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