Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beach Birthday Girl and More!

YES... I realize I am obsessed with the beach and all things nautical! However, how fun are these Beachy Girl Invites and Printables?!?

Ooooo and I must share our new Nautical Bridal Shower Invites! Which can totally be used for a birthday party as well.

My sweet Charli P turned 3! YES, 3! A beach birthday girl all the way, so she of course needed to be included in this post!
This age is great, but ooooh my G.O.S.H does she test our patience!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
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  1. Looove the beach invite! Looks like home to me and I can't get enough of it ;)

  2. Love both invites!!!

    And how cute is your little one?!? We know all about 3 around here!

  3. Aw I just noticed the Happy Birthday Charlotte book sitting there- we got that for her on her 1st bday...time sure does fly! Miss u!

  4. Her bathing suit is so cute!! I bet she just loves the beach :)


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