Saturday, June 4, 2011

Loving Charleston and the places that surround it!

Yesterday we picked fresh strawberries and blackberries!
Ummm love that!
Next week we will be picking blueberries!

I wish I had a pic to share as Charlotte was COVERED in red and purple... they should have weighed her with the strawberries! lol
We spent the rest of the day walking and playing at the beach and of course UNPACKING!
Low tide is amazing, so many neat critters laying on the sand. We found sand dollars, crabbies, conchs, clams... simply amazing!

I still can't believe we are living at the beach, it just doesn't feel real!
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  1. That's so cool you just moved to the beach. I am really enjoying watching how everything is turning out daily. I appreciate your posts :) Good luck, everyday!! <3

  2. ahhh I'm so jealous! Enjoy, looks perfect!

  3. Awesome!!! You guys will love it there :)


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