Monday, June 27, 2011

a taste of home {crabbies}... the beach, and...

I miss "home"... not so much Maryland, but rather just "home", our home- that feeling, our space, Charlotte's beautiful nursery that we brought her home to. I miss my flowers and our pond, I miss our little cottage.

We love the beach and South Carolina... but it doesn't feel like home yet. So until then, we are adjusting and taking each day as it comes. Soooo, we decided to bring a taste of home to SC!
There is only ONE WAY to cook crabs... and with that,
we brought "home" to us, and oh was it delish!
A fun family night filled with cold beer, steamed crabs, corn and some dancing!
We sat at our little kitchen table and it felt like home!

The next morning... coffee, the beach and sandcastles of course!
Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

Oooo and p.s. speaking of "home", how fun is this new
 house warming invite?!?
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