Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trademark: A cease and desist! Long...

Many people who read this blog, read it not only because they love parties... but because they themselves have recently started a biz, or have the hopes to open one themselves.
Which is why I am choosing to share!

Creative people find inspiration everywhere... motivation may come from within, but seeing others succeed helps light that fire! We all start somewhere! We all dream.

I would like at this point to give a bit of advice... possibly something you did not know, something we surely didn't! Thoughts to consider when starting your own biz/dream!
{Maybe I should have gone to law school, or married an attorney!}

Party Box Design received a Cease and Desist.
Something we never thought, or even ever considered happening. 
Afterall, we are a tiny mom and pop shop... offering original designs... designs that can only be found here!
A place where your purchase matters.
No one else has our name, Party Box Design!

Sooooo WHY?!? W.H.Y... why?!?

Well, apparently if you have a company with a name even relatively close to someone else, they can for one send you a cease and desist and two, threaten a law suit. Especially if they are BIGGER then you! YUP... threatening phone calls, voicemails filled with demands... and of course that pretty c&d sent by certified mail!
All things that make a small biz owners tummy hurt!

It may not matter if you are a website, if you are a brick and mortar, or if you even sell different items! It may not matter if your site and logo look nothing like theirs. It may not matter if you are states apart.

Sooo... if you are thinking of starting a biz, it's not all sugar... there is also spice! You must be prepared, dot your i's and cross your t's. Not everyone is happy when you succeed. There are many bumps along the way. There is a major learning curve. There are so so so many things to consider, things we didn't know.

BUT... now YOU do!

This post is heart wrenching for me. This post breaks my heart.
This post makes me angry, frustrated and sad. A whirlwind of emotions.
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