Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Anonymous said...

UUUUGHHHHHH times a million!

WHY CAN'T I POST on blogs?!? 1 out of 10 times it lets me... then I get this
"Anonymous said..." and it won't let me post!

Anyone else having these issues or has had them in the past?
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  1. Yep, about half the people that I read, I can't post on their comments. Frustrating

  2. yes, this happens to me all the time, or else it just won't let me post a comment. i notice it happens more when i'm trying to comment from a computer that's not my home one, or mobiling!

  3. YESS!!! It is absolutely driving me insane! there are so many things i want to comment on and cant!!

  4. I changed it to a pop up box, someone suggested that on FB... hopefully it helps!


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