Sunday, September 4, 2011

Meeting Mrs. Jackie Fo...

Blogging is such an amazing thing... there are a million and one awesome blogs, which means there are a million and one awesome people writing them! You also find people you connect with, follow their blogs more then others and kind of become friends!

A lonnnng time ago I wrote this post: People I want to have cocktails with... OR Coffee... because let's face it, finding sitters can be hard!!! It's a fun post mentioning some great ladies I have really connected with.

WELL.............guess what?!?
I got to meet one of those ladies for cocktails!
{above right} Mrs. Jackie Fo! 

I also got to meet her insanely funny hubster, always referred to as Mr. Fo! I love her blog, she is an awesome writer (who should for sure get a "book deal") and oh so sweet!
We had a total blast... so so much fun! I can't wait for the Fo's to visit SC again!

Happy Sunday!
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