Monday, November 21, 2011

Things on my mind Monday...

I haven't done a post like this in soooo friggen long... Monday's thoughts!

1. My bestie is having her 3rd and last little girl today, feeling beyond bummed I am 10 hrs away and unable to be with her. Thinking of you Beck and can't wait to meet baby Reagan!

2. I have grey hair, like 10 strands. 30.9 years old and grey hair... I didn't know it was possible. Was hoping to find a new salon down here, no time so a box dye it will be.

3. If you contact us for a custom item, AND confirm that you would like to purchase it... we send you an invoice and we never hear back, with an invoice left unpaid- that is not nice.

4. Working on free holiday printables... but wondering if people really actually use them. Do you?!?

5. Today it's going to be 80 degrees and come 3:30 you will find me on the beach. I can't believe I can even type that.

6. I am getting so excited for Turkey Day! Making some of my total faves including fried turkey! Yum!

7. I got an iPhone and it's insane. I really wonder how I lived without it. I need to get a fun new cover for it... suggestions appreciated!

8. Lately, I have been feeling really grateful. I know it's the season to be, but I feel it more then ever.

Happy Monday!!!!
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