Friday, April 27, 2012

Cupcake Friday

Hey everyone... I'm Amy from Coffee, Crafts & Cupcakes!
I'm thrilled to be a guest blogger today at Party Box Design.

I had cupcakes on the brain because really why wouldn't you be thinking about them?  Oh there are some folks out there who say cupcakes have run their course, the trend is over...blah blah...  I think cupcakes are here to stay just like cakes and pies.  Sure there is probably an over saturation of cupcake shops BUT cupcakes will always have a special place in my heart and tummy.

With the popularity of Pinterest there is no shortage of fabulous cupcake images and recipes.  I pin a lot of them hoping to actually try out the recipes...but I have to admit I haven't made one cupcake recipe!  Not enough hours in the day.

Anyhoo...I thought I would share some of my faves that I pinned on my cupcake board.  Each cupcake pin will take you to the actual recipe so if you're feeling ambitious let me know how they turn out!

OR if you're like me and just like drooling over the fab pictures...grab a tissue and drool away!

Happy Friday!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hello Party Box Design Fans

Hi, I'm Shara. I blog over at Little Gray Table. Jess kindly invited me to guest post over here from time to time. I'm huge into DIY projects and refurbishing furniture. I also love cooking, baking, photography, and being a stay at home mom to my three rug rats ages 6, 4, and 2. I look forward to sharing with you some fun and creative craft and home decor projects.

Today, I am going to share with you my top five furniture make overs that I have completed in the past year. I love finding something that is no longer loved and turn it to something fabulous. So let's begin:

#5 Old Ugly 70's Hutch turned bookshelf for the boys' room

This ugly old hutch was in desperate need of some love. I transformed it into a fun place to store books and toys. To see the full transformation, click here.

#4 Broken dresser with missing drawer given a new lease on life

This dresser was missing an entire drawer so I added wood to create the perfect shelf for a basket. It now holds crafting supplies in my craft room. To see more, click here.

#3 Coffee Table Makeover

I found this diamond in the rough at a local thrift store. It was the perfect size for my living room. I took it from drab to fab with a little paint and a fun stencil. See how I transformed it here.

#2 Dining Table Make Over

This one is on the list not only because I love how it turned out but because I got this table for free off of Craigslist.

To see more, click here.

#1 China Hutch Make Over

This is by far my favorite project to date. It is just a fun and vibrant piece. I love it.

Would you believe this hutch only cost me $25? It is the best find I've come across so far.

So, what do you think? Do you like transforming things into something better? I hope this post has inspired you to look beyond the surface beauty and envision what something could become. I am excited to get to share with you some other fabulous transformations and craft ideas in the coming weeks.

Happy Crafting,
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's Flamingle...

WOW... this month is REALLY flying by!! I honestly can't believe it's the end of April.
Summer is almost here... which means LOT'S of fun parties!!!

Party Box Design has been crazy busy, lot's of new items listed on the site. Here are a few...
Perfect for all the Golf Pro's out there!

orrrrr how about you FLA-MINGLE on over...
ARRGGGG... Girls can have pirate parties too!
OOOOO and how about a BaBy-Q?!? ADORE...
I am also beyond excited to have Mrs. Jackie Fo blogging here!
Beyond really!
She is such an amazing writer, an event planner and one of my most favorite blogs to read.
I just adore her!
Did you all check out her Saturday post?!? L.O.V.E!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, this lady is back to work!!!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Paper Wedding Flowers!

Well hello to all the Party Box Design readers on this fabulous Saturday afternoon. I am SO excited to become a regular contributing blogger to this site, and really to have anything to do with someone as creative as Jess. I've been lucky enough to meet Jess in person and trust me, she is just as fun, sweet and talented as she appears on her blog! I've also bought her products many a time and have NEVER been disappointed! People always ask me where I got my invites when I use PBD! To sum it up, she rocks! 

A little about me....I blog over at Jackie Fogartie Events Blog (some call me Jackie Fo) about all things event and food related. I plan weddings and other events for a living in the Charlotte, NC area and I also do some freelance writing over at I love wine, cheese, blogs, my husband and food of all kind - especially Italian. Oh, and did I mention I love parties and entertaining?! I think that about sums it up - check me out if you want to have a good time, get inspired and laugh at my many hijinks!

Let's talk about wedding flowers, shall we? And I'm not talking about regular flowers. While I absolutely adore fresh flowers (who doesn't), some people just don't have the budget to spend thousands (yes, I said thousands!) on a professional florist. If you want an awesome alternative that is super popular right now, look into paper flowers. I'm not talking about Martha Stewart tissue paper poms - while I love those and they will always be a classic, let's step outside the proverbial box here, okay? From centerpieces, to backdrops, to bouquets - there are TONS of different ways to incorporate paper flowers into your big day and it won't look chintzy - I promise! 

Here's a little background on paper flower art from this wonderful Etsy Shop, LoveLeeflowers.
I hope you love random fun facts as much as I do :)

Paper flowers have existed nearly as long as paper. The art form became popular and widespread in the US during the Depression when creative people wanted lasting beauty on a shoestring.

Pretty cool, right? I thought so. Here are some gorge examples of this "lasting beauty!"

This bouquet is pretty classic, I think it's almost hard to tell that the bouquet is made from paper!

This sunflower is a little more whimsical - I love it! 

How stunning is this centerpiece?!

And this amazing altar decoration? 

I love the use of paper for chair decorations: 

If you are going for a vintage look, try using old book pages like this: 

For a super fun look - try giant flowers for you and your bridesmaids! 

The best thing about these flowers is that they last forever, so you can use them in your home or give them away at the wedding as keepsakes! 

Maybe you've got a crafty friend or family member, or maybe you want to make your wedding completely DIY - if so, I think the paper flower craze is for you. Invite your gals over for some vino, TV watching and crafting. Before you know it you'll have made your wedding flowers and had a girls night - double points! 

I look forward to regularly posting on this fabulous site - I hope you're as pumped as I am!  
Have a GREAT weekend!

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Guest Bloggers...

This blog has def taken a nose dive... there just are not enough hrs in the day.

We have lost quite a few blog followers over the last few months, which makes me super sad!
The inspiration is still there, just not the time.


We would love to add some fab guest bloggers!!!
If interested shoot us an email:
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Friday, April 13, 2012

Morocco with a Nautical Twist... Invitation Suite

Our latest wedding invitation suite... A Moroccan design with a nautical twist!
Inspiration came from fresh colors combined with traditional and modern patterns, true love for sure.

We also created a really fun coordinating wedding shower invitation, or perfect for an engagement party as well!
ANNNNDD... some reallly fabulous note cards!
Happy Friday Y'all!

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Shabby Chic Birthday Party Invitation and More...

I adore shabby chic, white washed wood, antiques mixed with modern decor... just love love love!
Soooo, how have I not added a shabby chic party invitation until now?!?

Anyhoo, you can now find this party invitation and note insert via Party Box Design, along with this oh so sweet party favor sticker!
Happy Friday Y'all!
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