Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIY Craft Table

Hey everyone...It's Amy from Coffee, Crafts & Cupcakes!  I just recently remodeled my craft room/office and thought I would share with you my super easy DIY craft table.

You can find lots of creative ideas on Pinterest so a lot of my inspiration came from there as well as Ana White.  I showed this project to my husband and asked if he could make it for me.  We changed it up a bit and decided to use the 9x9 cube bookshelves from Target or Fred Meyers and then create a table top for it.  I waited for the shelves to go on sale and bought two in white.  I like to stand and work at my table as well as sit so these might be a bit high for some but they were the perfect height for my needs- they are 36 inches high.

Once the shelves were assembled my hubby went to Home Depot and had a piece of wood cut for the top.  It was pretty pricey around $65.00 but we didn't want a flimsy piece.  I decided at a table top size of 36 inches by 46 inches.  He sanded it and then we painted it white.  Instead of screwing/ nailing the table top to the shelves we used heavy duty Velcro to stick the table top to the shelves.  This way when we have company come over I can remove the table top and push everything to side for a guest room.

For a protective top I thought about glass but we didn't want to spend a fortune on a custom cut piece...trying to create this table without going broke!  We went to Lowe's and decided on a product similar to plexiglass.  There are draw backs to this- it will show every scratch and any sort of blemish or damage but it is easier to work on than the actual wood top plus I didn't want the paint all scratched up.  We had it cut to the proper size and the table is all finished up.

You can't see it in the pictures but I also purchased a bar stool that was on sale at Fred Meyers for $59.99.  I think Frey Meyers is a Pacific Northwest store just in case you've never heard of it and thought I was speaking gibberish.  :)

I think the total for the whole craft table project probably came to around $200.00 and the stool was $59.99.

Here are a few photos...

Happy Crafting!

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