Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DIY Memo Board

Hello again PBD readers. It's Shara from Little Gray Table stopping by! Today I wanted to share with you an easy and quick way to make a memo board for your home. This memo board would be perfect in a kitchen or entry way or anywhere you need a place to hang those daily reminders.

Last summer, I bought this large frame at a garage sale for $2. It's been sitting in my garage waiting for me to figure out what to use it for. I recently rearranged my craft room/office and decided I needed a memo board to keep track of inspirations and ideas that come to me. Since I can be a bit disorganized, I think this memo board will be perfect.

For this project, all you need is a large-ish wooden frame, a staple gun with staples and some jute twine.

Start by tying off one end of the jute and stapling it to the wooden frame.

Then keeping the jute taut, pull the string where you would like to go next and staple it into place. I chose to do a random placement but you could do any design you wish. Keep going until you feel you have enough places to hang your memos. Tie the last end in a knot before cutting the jute.

There you go! A quick easy and fun way to display memos or even pictures. I hung mine next to my craft table so I could easily access it when I'm crafting. Now I just need to find some cute clothespins! Remember to visit me over at Little Gray Table. I hope I've inspired some of you today.

Happy Crafting!

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