Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Emails, Dreams, Reality, SEO... L.I.F.E

"Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements." Napoleon Hill

Lately, I have been getting a lot of emails asking for advice... how to do this, that, what do you use to do this, etc. Not a fan of "what printers do you use, or what paper"... sure, let me share my 10000000 million hrs of research and trial and error in one little email- no.
Advice on following your dreams, is super flattering.

I decided to write this blog post, because of "said emails".

Over the last 2.6 yrs, there has been A LOT of trial and error, blood.sweat.and.tears... happy and sad, stemming from frustration, lack of sleep, and overall joy. A little(a lot) Mom guilt too!

Following your dream sounds a lot sweeter and easier then it actually is. For one, you don't just wake up and succeed, and  secondly... when you stumble and fall along the way, you best be picking yourself riiight back up, brushing off that dirt and starting over.

Mistakes always lead to discovery, an unhappy customer may open your eyes to something new and learning from both is priceless!

Also, just because you have a dream doesn't mean it will be financially beneficial. Yes, I think our prices are insanely awesome... but I also want to put food on my table, place my daughter in a great school and have her enjoy ballet, gymnastics and t-ball! Some nice dinners out with the Hubs, also pretty sweet. So, as a small biz owner you M.U.S.T. have a financial plan and make the numbers work for both you and your customers. If you can't sell a product with a profit, then you need to re-work your plan.

Customer Service... K.E.Y! Reviews, highly important... free press... outstanding.

SEO, get a book or 5... read, a lot! If you want your website to populate, you better become familiar with this, or hire someone. Spending money on having your blog buttons put all over the place is fine as back links are great, but those blog buttons aren't going to make your website populate!

One last note, don't give up... believe in yourself and re-work that dream if need be.

Most importantly, WE ALL start somewhere.  You don't wake up with a book deal, or 10,000 facebook fans or instant customers. It also doesn't matter how you get where you get, as long as you succeed along the way. Success is a journey, and so very rewarding. Set small goals, and celebrate along the way.

"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will." Vincent T. Lombardi

Good Luck! xoxo Party Box Design!
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  1. Very well said!
    Great point about the "emails". My Maytag man told me a great story to highlight this, he said he once went to a home to fix a washer, he started working and the owner pulled up a chair to "watch" after a few minutes the repair man asked if the man needed help, the man said that "No", he was watching. So the Maytag man stopped and said that it would cost the man $5,000 to "watch". The Owner asked, "Why" and the MM replied, becasue that is how much I paid to get the education! The Owner put his chair away and left the man to do his job. It takes A LOT of nerve to ask someone how they do what they do-and the only reason they ask is because-they want to do the SAME Thing, w/o paying for it.
    I am soooo happy for you, you have built an AWESOME business, and it's all on your own merit! Congratulations, not too many people can say that, unfortunately.

  2. I ADORE you Tammy... why don't you live closer?!? Thanks for your comment, love that story!!!!

  3. It's so funny that you've expressed in words the way I've been feeling the last couple of weeks. One for the email reason but also because I feel I've lost focus on where I wanted my company to go and a bit discouraged over the few successes versus celebrating that I've had any success at all. It is nice to see this type of encouragement. Thanks.

  4. And this, my friend, is why YOU.ROCK. Perfectly said! xoxo- stacy

  5. Wow Jessica, great post! I get a lot of the same type of emails and honestly I think some people just don't think anything of it to ask someone to spill what took years to's almost a "nerve of some people" kind of thing. In the stationery game, you have to covet your secrets because that is what makes your business unique.

    Again, awesome post! (Going to share this on my blog, twitter, FB) :)

  6. for thought. I totally needed to read this this morning : )

    You're an inspiration XOXO Paula

  7. Awesome post. I hope I didnt offend you today in any way by asking for your advice. Its just that I have hit a wall recently after some research and trial and error, I thought of going straight to the source. People who have actually been in my place and know what its like to struggle. I admire your work and the risk you decided to take to make your business so successful. I truly wishbyou the best and again, I hope to one day have as much success running a business that I love. Stationary and card making are my passion and will one day be my profession!


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