Saturday, May 19, 2012

Keeping up with the Joneses

I have been reading a lot of blog posts lately, about balance and time management... blogging too much or not spending enough time with ones family.

Trying to keep up with this party, or that party... are my pics cute enough to post, will I be original enough. Topping this party or that.

I must admit, I myself had a brief moment of party insanity. Which is exactly what it was... party insanity. Why insane... because ultimately why should I care? Why should you?

When you host a party for your child, you do it for many reasons. The first should be, because your child will simply have the most wonderful day. Two, you are celebrating another amazing year, three... life is just too short AND four because you are doing something you love.

Charlotte told me she wanted a crocodile party! I do not care how many crocodile parties there are, ultimately it's what Charlotte asked for.

And you know what, her party will be nothing short of ah-mazing, why... because I love parties.

I host an amazing event because it brings me so much joy, I love it. I love popping popcorn at 1 am with my husband, and I love thinking of new signature cocktails, I love displaying party decor and putting together party favors at 2 am.

Why, because we lose track of time and life passes us by and for that ONE DAY you are celebrating life's most amazing gift, God's gift to you... your child.

So party on people, and don't have a second thought about who featured what party and how big or small it was. When you see your child's face, the joy in his or her eyes nothing else matters.

Do what you love, celebrate life and cherish the memories you are creating.
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