Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mustaches are still trendin'!

 Hello again fab Party Box Design readers...I hope everyone has been enjoying their HOT HOT HOT summer! I've been in a state of constant melting, but other than that it's quite lovely! 

I'm here today to talk about mustaches. Obviously. Unless you've been under a party rock, you know that the 'stache has been dominating the party scene for the past few years, and it's showing no signs of stopping! And why would it? Mustaches are fun and fancy free. I'm sold!

A few years ago (because I'm a bit of a trendsetter...not really, I'm just being a braggart), I loved the 'staches so much I threw my mom her very own 'Stache Bash. Below is a picture from the bash and you can read the whole post HERE!

A few weeks ago I had wrote a post for Tablespoon that involved ...you guessed it...Mustaches! This time they were on a stick and used for Bridal Shower favors. Mustaches are for the Grooms Side and Lips are for the Brides Side. Fun, right? You can find out where to buy the molds and more info HERE! 

I love these 'Stache Straws. One of my Fall brides is using similar straws to make her wedding

Pinterest (Original Source unknown)

You could use mustaches to dress up your cupcakes.

And we've all had fun with 'staches in a wedding photo booth...don't deny it! We all have those fun photos on our fridge :)

Our very own Jess from Party Box Design has a fantastic Wig & Stache Bash invitation suite that would be perfect for a fun 'stache party!

 Always respect it. Like Aretha said.

And finally, always keep 'stache on...

So if you're looking for a unique party theme, try a 'stache on for size! Until next time PBD readers!
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