Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Polka Dot Croc Party Feature

"Charlotte, what kind of birthday party would you like to have this year?"
"Ummm Mama, how about a crocodile party?"
"Oooo a crocodile party?!? Gosh, we could make that work."

As I laugh inside. From preppy crabs to polka dot crocs... a party is born.

Happy birthday my sweet Charli P. As every Mother knows, time goes by way too fast. Somehow you are now 4, and a little person filled with so much sugar and spice. Gosh, I love you more then words. I thank God every day for blessing me with a child that brings me so much joy.
I have never worked so hard to make a sweet treats display, my gosh is this table filled with more love then you can imagine!
Including our very own crocodile!
Which my hubs found as we were antique shopping. Total party score.
When the children walked in the house and saw this table, their eyes got sooo wide.
"Mrs. Jess, can we eat all of that?!?"
Serious amounts of sweet treats, I know the parents loved me for this!
PLUS ooodles to take home... favor bags with the child's name, ooo lala!
We had sweet treats inside and out... plus some super fun activites for the children!
AND... of course some fun for the adults too!
The Crocodile Bar!
A fully stocked bar and the BEST croc-o-jitos (mojitos) you could ever imagine...
THANKS for coming to our Polka Dot Croc Party!
Be sure to take a cupcake on your way out...
Time to plan for Charlottes 5th! lol Just Kidding, well maybe..

SUPER HUGE thanks to all the amazing vendors who participated in this party. Many MANY children and adults enjoyed your treats, more smiles then you can imagine!
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