Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dinosaur Party

Hey there everyone it's Amy from Coffee, Crafts & Cupcakes.  I wanted to share with you my son's 6th Dinosaur Party. 

We always host the party in our backyard, it's a great fenced in area where the kiddos are free to run around and the adults can sit in the shade and visit.  It's really the one BIG party we host each year so we always look forward to it, well I should say my son and I do!  It's a lot of work but it's well worth it to see my son's excitement.  Each year he exclaims, "this was the best party ever"!

As you can see Party Box Design had a big hand in the party decor.  Jess designed the invitations, birthday banner, the signage, tags, labels and stickers.  She HOOKED me up!  :)  I used a lot of burlap and chevron because I love it.  The lunch was simple and easy finger foods.  We had plenty of treats on hand: peanuts, oreo popcorn, dino cookies and sugar cookie squares.

I think the party favors are my favorite part in planning my son's parties.  I ordered custom dinosaur cupcake bath bombs from Feeling Smitten Bath Bakery and they were just amazing!!!  All the adults took a bath bomb home.  For the kiddos they got to take home a take out box which included a bath bomb, dinosaur sticker book, dino figure, dino rings...and a dinosaur pincher and dino mask.

Vicki from Victoria Lynn Photography photographed the party for me.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Baby Blog Crawl...

OOOooo lala do I have baby fever... those itty bitty toes, a precious nose and sweet little giggles.
Ahhhhh pure cuteness!
Soooo when I was asked to participate in this little blog baby crawl, how could I resist?!? A fellow blogger is expecting... whoooo could it be?!? Certainly not me.
Head on over to Eb's bloggy blog to find out more... {Sparkling Events + Designs}
P.S. When this lady(ie... ME) gets preggos, it will totally be twins!!!
Two for the price of one, right! :)

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Halloween Party Invite SALE

SHOP SHOP SHOP... this weekend ONLY at Party Box Design!
OOOOODLES of fabulous Halloween Party Invites!
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Project

Hello PBD Readers,

It's me, Shara, from Little Gray Table here to share with you a little project inspired by Pinterest. Have you joined Pinterest yet? If not you totally should! It's a great place to pin ideas and inspiration and things you love. I love it because it organizes everything for me in one place so I don't have to try to remember which website or blog I saw something on.

I saw this idea of using a sharpie on a coffee mug to create a design or saying. I decided to think outside the box a bit and use this project in my kids' bathroom. My three kids, ages 6, 4, and 2 have a tiny bathroom and they are so messy and unorganized! It drives me batty! Here is what you will find if you enter their bathroom on a particular day:

(Just keeping it real!) Total chaos! If your kids are anything like mine, there has to be 400 different flavors of toothpaste on hand at all times in order for each child to be happy and 12 plus toothbrushes because sometimes Sponge Bob is better than Cinderella and so on! Ok, now back to the project.

For this project, you will need a sharpie and any mug. I bought my mugs from the dollar store because I wanted to make sure this really worked before I shelled out money on nicer mugs. First you start by drawing any design or saying you wish on the mug with the sharpie. Then place your mug(s) in the oven at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes. That will seal the sharpie and make it permanent. That's it! Easy as pie. I even ran my mugs through the dishwasher to be sure and the design stayed put!

I wrote each child's initial on one side of the mug and a fun saying about teeth brushing on the other. The opportunities are endless! Now that they are done, they definitely help keep the bathroom counters much more organized and that makes me much happier! Plus the mug can double as a drinking glass for those last minute drinks before bed.

I hope you were inspired to try a new project. You can follow me on Pinterest here and see more fun projects on my blog here. Thanks for letting me share this project with you.

Happy Crafting,
Shara Pin It