Sunday, October 14, 2012

Once upon a time...

A lady had a dream... a big dream.
She searched all over the land, for the very best web designer.
Because this dream, included a website.
She knew the minute she found her.
However, the lady with the dream never knew she would find more then a really amazing designer... but a really, really great friend.
The dreamer and the web designer could never meet in person, because they lived over 3,300 miles apart. Thats pretty gosh darn far.
Sooo, over 3 years they emailed and emailed and emailed... sometimes a few texts here and there.
They planned possible trips, weekends filled with fun... BUT nothing ever came of it.
UNTIL... this weekend!
The dreamer and the designer picked up were their emails left off, without missing a beat.
They talked until after the sun set, shared more laughs then you could imagine. It wasn't typing an "LOL" but actually hearing each other laugh. It was a night filled with "I can't believe it's and so much fun"
Amy, I can't thank you enough for helping me follow my dream, but also for becoming one of my most amazing friends. Good Luck with your big decision!
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  1. Jealous...but so happy for you both! Funny how 20 minutes ago I did my first blog in ever and this is in my list :) Warm fuzzies!!!

  2. thanks ladies! it was such a fun night out!


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