Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Boardwalk Birthday Party Ideas

Dear Charlotte, your birthday party posts always make me tear up... usually starting the moment I begin typing. Tears slowly roll down my face as I see how fast time goes by, how fast you are turning into a little person. How proud I am to be your Mama. Ahhhh someone bring me a tissue!
You are five, five years old and bubbling over with personality. You are an artist, and can draw for hours, you talk with your hands and its precious.

My beautiful girl inside and out, the most amazing smile that just shines through... your gorgeous big brown eyes filled with wonder. I love you to the moon and back times 10000044400055736283994!

I hope when you are older, you will look back at these photos
and cherish these beautiful memories and realize that you too,
can follow your dreams!

When the kids came through the back gate, towards our pool... they literally arrived at the boardwalk! We had cotton candy, snow cones, boardwalk dogs and fries... you name it, we had it!

My husband and family friend literally dug up one we found washed ashore on the beach, no joke. These men carried this million pound boardwalk to the truck,
loaded it up and placed it in the back yard.
In order to access the yummy food, the children had to step up onto THE BOARDWALK!

The table housing all the goodies was built by my husband from reclaimed beach wood!
Amazing and oh so special!
This is the best party we have ever thrown for Charlotte, as I don't think there was a child without a smile on their face... so many giggles, jumping in the pool...
then back out to nosh on some more treats!

We did have a splash free zone for the adults to enjoy some treats as well!
All found at The Crabby Bar... beer, wine and cocktails! Y'all know I can't host a party without some fabulous water bottle labels, and a fun bar
which has been repurposed for each of our parties!
The boardwalk is filled with delicious treats, and our party was no different.
Including SALT WATER TAFFY... which came directly from the Jersey Shore!
I bought a simple white cake from the grocery store and lined it with taffy, inexpensive and so cute.
This party holds a special place in my heart because I am a Jersey girl. I wanted to incorporate what I remember as a child, visiting the boardwalk.

The first time Charlotte placed her feet in the ocean, was at the Jersey Shore.

It also felt important because of Hurricane Sandy...
Hurricane Sandy was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, as well as the second-costliest hurricane in United States history. My heart goes out to those who are still rebuilding, and who lost more then I could ever imagine.

This party would not have been possible without some fabulous vendors.
In fact, I dedicated a special post to them... including a review for each of them!
So please be sure to check them out!

THANKS so much for check out our Boardwalk Party!
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  1. Such a great party...so happy to be a part of it!

  2. this is amazing! your attention to detail is perfection! Love ya lady!!

  3. so happy you were there and super thankful for al your help as well!!!

  4. what a fun and colorful party! love all the "shore" inspiration!

  5. thanks so much sweet ladies!!! xoxo

  6. Beautiful and fun party! I love the salt water taffy around the cake, so cute!

  7. Such a beautiful and fun party, love all the details especially the cake with the taffy around it!

  8. thanks so very much Mariah! love the taffy too... so simple and cost effective!

  9. So lovely - and the illustrations are so dope! Great job!


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