Friday, July 26, 2013

Charleston Crab Crack

My husband and I love hosting small gatherings... often impromtu!
With warm Summer weather, fresh local Charleston seafood
and amazing craft beer... a crab crack seemed perfect!
Of course I had to make it fun...
so I designed these great crab crack invitations!
 AND... custom beer labels! Crabby Brew anyone?!?! Yes, please.
We always use old bay + j.o. seasoning when steaming our crabs. My husband is a master crab steamer(born and raised in Baltimore) and I can't give away any more of his secrets! lol
B.U.T you do get rather thirsty when eating crabs,
so naturally you know water bottle labels must be made too! 
Overall, our little crab crack was a total blast and the fun decor really pulled it together!
Two of our guests had the pleasure of trying steamed crabs for the very first time
at our little brown paper covered table! BOTH of them loved the crabs and it was such a fun meal... filled with new experiences, laughter and memories made!
All of these fabulous items may be found in our little stationery shop, Party Box Design!
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  1. Yummy! Cute invites and paper too

  2. thanks sweet lady! hope you are having a great beach vacay!

  3. I LOVE all your custom bottle labels. Not only are they a cute idea, the graphics are original and say, "let's get the party started"!


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