Sunday, August 4, 2013

Entertain with Affordable Style: An Engagement Party

You're invited to a fabulous engagement party!
A party anyone can host... filled with fabulous style and easy entertaining!

First up... POPCORN + BEER! A crazy fab combo... amazingly easy and delicious.
I love to make my own popcorn on the stove with coconut oil!
Then I season with a little sea salt... delish! I literally have popcorn at all our events.
 With any celebration, especially bridal showers or engagement parties there are lots of cheers, congrats, etc. So there must always be fabulous spirits, including these lovely wine labels! We also made the water look gorgeous, with coordinating water bottle labels! Perfect for your guests to take on their ride home, discussing how lovely your event was.
Signature drinks at events are always fun and these shooters are exactly that!
Plus... so incredibly simple, but you guests don't need to know that right!?!?!
Tequila + Watermelon + Simple Syrup
add a touch of fresh lime juice and fresh mint! 
Wine Sparklers are a total fave of mine...another SIMPLE cocktail! Wine + Seltzer.
Plus how darling are these drink flags?!?! Affordable + adds that lovely personal touch.
 I LOVE to entertain, really any chance I have. BUT I love simple affordable recipes and cocktails.
Basic, delicious foods. Flavors that pop, and colors that are bright.

Watermelon + Feta ='s pretty crazy amazing!

Soooo in this very post, you have 4 drink options and 2 simple appetizers...
with a grocery list under 10 items.  
Just like the blog title, Entertain with affordable style!

Would also like to give some vendor love to The Flair Exchange for the lovely tassels, which make the perfect backdrop to any entertaining space!

The engagement party invitations, and other decor may be purchase at Party Box Design!

Cheers Y'all + Happy Entertaining!
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  1. Oh my love!! Seriously everything about this simple display rocks.

  2. Oh my love!!! I seriously love this simple idea and yummo!


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