Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Budget Friendly Flamingo Pool Party
I love flamingos, my daughter loves flamingos... I mean really, who doesn't love flamingos?!?

For Charlotte's 6th birthday we hosted a really fun flamingo pool party.
I feel like I need to say flamingo flamingo flamingo ten more times! HA!

Anyhoo, I used a ton of items I already owned, which saved me oodles of money. Such as the gold beach balls, those babies were saved from our boardwalk party. I also ordered cupcakes from the grocery store and placed cute gumballs on top. Grocery store cupcakes are so affordable y'all!
POPCORN... literally the cheapest, most delicious party favor! I ALWAYS have popcorn at birthday parties. I often will use it as favors and a treat for guests to enjoy. There are so many great recipes to make popcorn magical. This year I coated it in orange candy melts from Walmart
+ placed in clear square containers that I purchased from Pick Your Plum.

Printables, the best money saver out there. Simply order, print, frame and bam... a super gorg visual!
 Because we have a pool, I always ask parents to stay during our parties.
I know MOST parents love a good drop off, but safety comes first. For this reason, I do like to have a few fun adult drink options for parents.
PLUS I have to pimp out Party Box Design. After all this is what I do for a living!!!!

For this party I designed the most fabulous beer bottle labels and water bottle labels, plus some amazing drink flags! Leading me to straw flags, which I am obsessed with. Talk about affordable fun, especially when paired with twine and a mason jar!
I did splurge on the sweet treats, renting a cotton candy and snow cone machine!
The children were so excited and these two items really added to the party. It was so dang hot, and the smiles on their faces made it all worth it.

I will also say I used a lot of spray paint to change the colors on my cake stands, picture frames and metal containers. Spray paint is a party girls best friend, especially one on a budget.

I hope you can find some inspiration in our flamingo pool party + share share share!
My goal is to offer y'all ideas on how to throw a fabulous event while not breaking the bank.

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