Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Poolside Movie Night Birthday Party

This might be one of my most popular birthday themes to date at Party Box Design!
I can't tell you how many movie night invites I have shipped out + digital files!
The reason being, it's such a fun party for kiddos and adults.
To sit outside, swim, float and watch a movie, just the most perfect Summer evening.

Plus this party can be done on a budget, which is always a bonus.
You can purchase the invites above in a digital file for only $16.99!
For this party I went ultra simple and the kids still had a blast.
You can buy candy + soft pretzels in bulk at Sams Club and make your own popcorn!
I did provide some delish adult beverages as well, but of course had to create some fun beer labels to match the party theme! I actually bought this really yummy beer called not your fathers mustache, it tastes exactly like root beer, but contains alcohol.
Literally the most perfect drink with some salty popcorn!
This has been my most chill party to date, and instead of running around like a nut job, I actually relaxed a bit and enjoyed the movie with friends + family.
My daughter picked Pippi Longstocking, a total classic.

Oooo I purchased the simple banner from target and the popcorn boxes from Home Goods.
All super affordable and matched perfectly.

If you are planning a movie night soon, hopefully this post can offer a little affordable inspiration. I like to include some fun details, while also saving some money! If you get beer labels, buy a digital file... if you want printed invites maybe buy coordinating printables!

Happy party planning and be sure to visit Party Box Design for more inspiration!
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