Friday, July 15, 2016

Thrifty + Adorable Baby Boy Sprinkle
Well, it's not cold outside, but this baby sprinkle sure is cute and fun to share. These photos have been on my camera for months. I guess that's what happens when you have two busy kiddos, one being a toddler.

Anyhow, one of my dear friends was expecting a baby boy
and I wanted to throw her a little something to remember.
I didn't have a big budget, but still wanted it to look nice and mostly make her feel special.

Sooooo I included the basics and focused on stuff I already owned. Like the adorable "baby it's cold outside" sign + small holiday tree, oh and the ribbon, I always save ribbon. I purchased a table cloth from Homegoods, the straws from the dollar bin at target and some affordable champagne!
I wanted to be sure to personalize a few items with the baby's name, since that's so neat to see as an expecting Mom! These champagne labels were just perfect, only $2 each and they really make the champagne look so dang cute. I also gave the Mom-to-be a bottle to open at the hospital after the baby arrives.

I created some fun water bottle labels as well, also an affordable addition to any shower!
You can add them to the table as decoration!
Food wise, I went simple + delish... who can resist cinnamon buns?!?! I hosted a morning brunch and just included the basics. Coffee + Champs + Cinnamon Buns + Egg Boat!
The guests were happy and had full bellies!

This little baby sprinkle was thrifty and no one even knew! I have a tighter budget these days and I want to share how possible it is to throw something fabulous without breaking the bank! The little extras go a long way, like fun straws, pretty ribbon, nice labels and definitely a fabric table cloth!

I hope this post brought y'all some inspiration because it took a year to type out with a little toddler sitting on my lap. Haaaa!

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