Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hi, I'm Jess... the creative lady behind Party Box Design
I just realized it's been forever since I introduced myself... and this goofball pic will have to do!
Honestly, I have so few pictures of myself, like most mom's I always fall behind the camera. Anyhoo, I love reading other bloggers top 10 random facts about themselves and thought I would post one too.
Soooo here we go!

1. My name is Jess, and I was born January 12th 1981... which means I'm and big bold Capricorn.

2. I'm originally from North Jersey, but now call Charleston, SC home! A Yankee as some might say. I left NJ when I went to college, but it hasn't left me.
Jersey girls have a special kind of magic in them, a bit of an edge.

3. I have two cute kids, an 8 year old named Charlotte and a 2 year old named Crew. YES, a huge age gap. We won't be having anymore kiddos, our house has hit the crazy limit. Charlotte also seems to have some Jersey in her, even though she was born in MD. I wonder if it's in our blood? Crew has hit the terrible two's and my goodness boys are tough.

4. I met my husband Brad when I was 22 (holy crap)! 22... I was just a baby. Now that I have my own daughter I think 22... holy moly that's young. However, I am still very much in love. Yup, we have our moments, but I'm happily married after 13.5 years.

5. I love to cook + entertain, and I am constantly pinning delicious recipes. Tonight I think I'm going to make chicken parm with whole wheat pasta, a family fave. I dream of being a skinny b*tch, but gosh I love food too dang much. Maybe one day... like in 2020?
Until then you'll find me wearing black and navy! HA!

6. I started Party Box Design way back in 2009. It was just a little dream that I made into a reality. Party Box Design was doing really really well for many years, until I got preggo with my second. Goodness I was SICK... like FOR THE ENTIRE pregnancy. I literally puked as I was pushing Crew out. TOO MUCH? Oh well! Sooo, after taking 2.5 years off I am bringing my dream back to life. I'm going to be honest and say it's pretty tough. Facebook, and Instagram and all social networks now charge you money for people to see your posts. Sooooo needless to say it's taking a tad longer then I had hoped. However, if I did it before I can certainly do it again.

7. I love wine, mostly red. I also love cocktails, but they don't love me as much as I love them. Ooo and coffee, goodness I enjoy coffee. I was on a calorie kick and was trying my best to love almond milk, but gosh half and half you are the bomb.

8. I dream of having a vacation home in Lake Lure, NC. Like, all the time. I dream about what it will look like, how I will decorate it, how much time we will spend there. It's kind of an obsession.
Lake Lure is magical and we usually go every Fall!
In fact, we have a trip coming up in October with some friends!

9. Oooo, I love nail polish. Like a lot! I have way too many colors. However, the funny thing is I go through phases where I bite my nails(awful habit). Which means, I just look at all my pretty polish until my nails grow back in(totally redic). Currently I'm obsessing over butter London yummy mummy that I got in my boxycharm box.

10. Speaking of beauty products, I am also obsessed with makeup. BUT only on the weekends, because I literally look like a hot mess Monday - Friday.5! Which means, half of Friday lol! I get two beauty boxes a month, my guilty pleasure. I mentioned boxycharm above, but I also get ipsy! I guess because I am consistently in mom gear, it feels nice to get ready on the weekends, curl my lashes and use some fun new products.

OOOOOO this is kinda long. Oh well... some little tid bits about me! Have a great day y'all and check out Party Box Design if you are looking for invitations or holiday cards, or note cards or really anything party related. Shopping small biz rocks!

xoxo- Jess

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dinosaur Dig Birthday Party
an exciting new dino birthday invitation!

Party Printables for a fun birthday theme + these wine labels!!!! I honestly love when parents have wine at a party, it just lightens the mood and an extra element of fun.
ooo and of course drink flags + beer labels too!
I had so much fun working on this party, the colors and patterns just pop!
Be sure to visit Party Box Design for more fun items!!!

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Halloween Party Invites + FREE Halloween Printables
October is one of my favorite months,
sweater weather... anything and everything pumpkin spice!

I've designed some spooky fun Halloween invites this year,
so be sure to head over to Party Box Design and check them out!

You can purchase these at a printable file for $16.99 or printed and shipped!
PLUS... as always we have some fabulous FREE Halloween Printables!

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