Friday, December 23, 2016

Why Beautycounter (my salesy pitch)?
This is MY salesy, not so salesy pitch on why I made the switch to Beautycounter. It's the reason I made the decision to change the products I use. Bottom line, I LOVE makeup, beauty products, watching video tutorials on how to contour your face. I research products... the best to buy, what to use... I pin on pinterest. Basically I'm a slightly obsessed, overtired Mom, with a true love for beauty and skin care products.

Legit, I've been curling my lashes since I was 14 years old!

BUT... those products don't always love me. In fact, I have crazy sensitive skin. Eyelids that will swell up like crescent rolls if I use certain eyeshadows. Pores that will clog when I use some facial creams, and as I age it's gotten worse. My eyelids were so swollen this past Summer (can't show that) I had to make an emergency visit to the dermatologist for a prescription cream.
These photos above show me rocking some makeup + a recent reaction to eyeshadow, the final straw that encouraged me to take a leap of faith. One I should have considered a year ago or more.
I guess I didn't know better, and now I do. So when you know better, you do better.

I asked myself, Jess WHY are you continuing to use products that literally hurt you? Do you even know what's in those products? I looked, there is no ingredient list. NO LIST! Go into your bathroom right now and look at the products you use, even if it's only a few. Can you find any ingredients listed? Go to the companies website, but I can almost guarantee you won't find a list of any kind.

1. Do you exercise + eat well, try to live a clean lifestyle?
2. You often choose organic, local options when grocery shopping?

 SO this is my question to you...
Did you know that The FDA DOES NOT investigate or approve ingredients in personal care products? Guess what, there is little to no regulation, none since 1938. A $62 BILLION industry left to regulate it's own products. I didn't know either, BUT I do NOW.

Almost ALL beauty care products include cancer causing, hormonal disrupting ingredients, organ toxicity... horribly icky yucky preservatives, colorants, perfumes and so on.

It's INSANE, the AWFUL list of harmful ingredients goes on and on, AND you are using these products EVERY SINGLE DAY. Your skin is your bodies LARGEST organ. It's essentially a sponge and absorbs everything you put on your body, almost instantly.


If you have actually read to this point, props and THANK YOU!
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XOXO, Jess
(your super excited beautycounter go to chick)
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