Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dry skin remedy for babies and toddlers

I am SO thankful I discovered Beautycounter.

As of 2017, 80% of ingredients used in skincare and beauty products
have NEVER been tested for safety.  As a consumer you have a voice and a choice. As a MOM, I wanted to know 100% that what I was putting on my babies skin was safe.

This Baby Soothing Oil is magic in a bottle. My son had the driest skin, like alligator skin. NO matter what I tried his poor legs and arms were just dry dry dry.
UNTIL this oil. It's the best $22 I ever spent.

What lotion are you putting on your children? What are you washing their hair with?
Beautycounter might not be for you, but it's worth checking out! I am honestly so glad I did!
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